Capital Market Structure


Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA) The QFMA was established pursuant to the Law No. 33 of 2005 in order to regulate and supervise the financial markets in Qatar by taking all the supervisory and regulatory powers needed to exercise its function under this law. The QFMA officially assumed its duties in September 2007, where the market, the listed companies and financial services companies were informed that the official functions of supervision and regulation were transferred from the DSM to the Authority after such functions were with the DSM for the last 10 years. To keep up with developments in the financial markets, Law No. (8) of 2012 was issued regarding Qatar Financial Markets Authority and entered into effect on October 18th of 2012 to replace the repealed law No. (33) of 2005. For more information about QFMA please visit their website here.


Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) QSE was established in 1995 under its initial name Doha Securities Market (DSM) for the purpose of trading the listed securities in addition to supervisory and regulation roles. The name was then modified to the Qatar Stock Exchange after converting the market to a Qatari joint stock company and transferring the supervisory and regulation functions to the QFMA, and the market became licensed by the authority to carry out all securities trading activities in the country. For more information about QSE please click here.


Qatar Central Securities Depository (QCSD) Qatar Central Securities Depository (QCSD) is a service providing company, licensed by QFMA as the sole Depository in Qatar to provide safekeeping, clearing and settlement services of securities and other financial instruments listed on QSE. For more information about QCSD please visit their website here.

Trading Characteristics

Trading days

From Sunday to Thursday except official holidays

Trading hours

One daily Trading Session for all listed securities.

From 09:00 am until 01:15 pm

Pre-opening period

From 09:00 am until 09:30 am

Opening Auction

At 09:30 am (opening price is determined by this auction)

Continous Trading period

From 09:30 am until 01:00 pm

Pre-closing period

From 01:00 pm until 01:10 pm

Closing Auction

At 01:10 pm (closing price is determined by this auction)

Trading at last period

From 01:10 pm until 01:15 pm (This period takes place after the closing auction where investors may trade only at the closing price determined by the closing auction)

Trading currency

Qatari Riyal (QAR)

Tick sizes


Tick size is (QAR 0.01) if Price band is (QAR 10 and above)

Tick size (QAR 0.001) if Price band is (below QAR 10)


Tick size (QAR 0.001) for all price bands


Order Types

Limit Order

Market Order

Market to Limit Order

Stop Loss Order

Trading safeguards

Daily Upper Limit (Ceiling)

+10% from the previous day’s closing price.

Daily Lower Limit (Floor)

-10% from the previous day’s closing price