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*About QFC companies: Companies with the designation "(QFC)" are incorporated in the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) under Qatari Law No. (7) of 2005 and the QFC Companies Regulations 2005. The QFC is a legal and regulatory jurisdiction within the State of Qatar for certain types of companies, including regulated and non-regulated firms. QFC companies are subject to separate regulations and rules, and QFC financial institutions are additionally regulated by the QFC Regulatory Authority. QFC companies may be owned up to 100% by persons, companies and other entities which are not nationals of, or resident in, the State of Qatar. However, as with all companies listed in Qatar, the listing and trading of the shares of QFC companies on Qatar Exchange is subject to the applicable regulations and rules of the Qatar Financial Markets Authority and rules of Qatar Exchange. For additional information about the QFC, please see the web sites of the QFC Authority and the QFC Regulatory Authority.